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Nursery Center
Individual attention with one teacher for every three children we are able to provide a teacher/child ratio which enhances development of all skills and provides for personal attention for each of the infants.

The infant program is individualized to meet each child's needs and developmental progress. The teacher observes developmental milestones and plans activities to help the infant grow. Daily routines respond to clues from the infants. Each child is fed and naps according to his/her established routine.

Teachers create a stimulating, loving, interactive atmosphere and nurturing environment for the infants.

Staff members understand the importance of:
  • Being sensitive to each child's signals and meeting his/her needs promptly.
  • Physical contact and attention for each infant.
  • A cheerful room decorated at the child's eye level, including pictures of the children and their families.
  • A room well-equipped with stimulating objects and toys.
  • Assuring that infants unable on their own are stimulated by having their position and environment changed.
  • Allowing infants to move about freely.
  • Allowing time for looking at picture books and listening to music.
  • Allowing infants to feed themselves when they are capable.